Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Flower for the Day White Violets 5-24-17

I walk a lot at nearby Sugar Creek Park. Recently under the trees I noticed the ground was entirely carpeted with white flowers. Several of my flower experts (Claire and MoBot) identified them as white violets. They are striking.

DIRE verse two RAIN

Thin sound of clarity when rain starts to fall. 
Porcelain droplets clutch at fields and treetops. 
Violet solar fingers trace the lines of each reflection. 
Dawn awakens us 
Almost as if each sound will be formed once more. 
It gathers itself as wind strokes through treetops shaking the branches. 
Shaking the light from the branches enticing the trees with an aura of cloud. 
This curtain of rain travels skies and spheres where broken starlight offers 
us knowledge . 
It carries the tears of the universe, 
the sighs of the sun 
There is a blueprint of lifelines to follow 
Sacred scars anointed with ancient wounds dried in this light 
These hemispheres have no name. 
They are of rotating formation. 
Each breath begins again in the stillness of reflection. 
All is of sight and of sound 
After this stillness, we will learn to speak again
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