Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Flower for the Day Allium 5-3-17

Allium is a spring favorite. Very trustworthy, allium always shows up on time. I have them  in purple and white. The purple bloom first and the white grow significantly higher.

We lay, we love, we blossom.
I have planted myself in this garden so many times that the soil knows to not shift back into place when you rain.
You are my sun, clouds, oxygen.
I breathe you in and am filled with fiery hope.
Where there is hope there is fear.
I have been conquered.
My fragile heart is resilient when it comes to your ocean.
My brain is begging to drown.
You demolish my walls and demolish my roots for you,
then watch me attempt to regrow and rebuild the thick walls I need so badly.
You are my hero and my tormentor -
saving me and aching me over and over until you can enter my garden whenever you so choose.
This is love.  

This place in my chest is supposed to feel sacred.
It does not feel sacred anymore unless you are watering me.
I wilt and bloom with your changing tides.
You will leave soon, and I will have to find another way to keep myself alive until you want to come home again.

Britt Nichole March 2016

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