Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Flower for the Day Amaryllis 4-19-17

My amaryllis is blooming later each year. It is quite mature (the bulb is over thirty years). The size of the blooms remains the same. Caring for it is almost seamless so I continue to put it
in the dark in the winter and bring it out and start watering it in February and it summers outside.

                                                    I AM AN AMARYLLIS

Hippeastrum is my proper Latin name 
I am so spectacular I simply put others to shame 
From a large bulb my green shoots will grow 
I dwarf the other plants I love to be on show 
With my elevated position I look down on other plants 
They are tiny in comparison and look like little ants 
When my tip emerges it contains my superior flower head 
My blooms can live for three weeks yet other flowers are dead 
I am the king of flowers 
I can produce three flower stem 
My trumpets are enormous, people stand and gaze at them 
I have no scent for you to smell when I am flowering 
The intensity of my blooms would make it overpowering 
Once I've finished blooming I deserve a two-month rest 
Then I will re-flower for you and show the world I am the best! 
My chosen flower - Amaryllis meaning pride 
Contest:- Picture yourself as a flower – Andrea Dietrich

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