Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bob Torrison Retrospective V The Music 11 The Ramsey Lewis Trio

Bob Torrison's greatest gift to me in the music sphere was jazz. I knew absolutely nothing  about jazz and Bob was really into it. He taught me to love high quality jazz. We used to go to various local and downtown spots and Bob was always transfixed by the music. He was never loquacious but when jazz was playing he was never here- always there -disappearing into the sounds. One of the groups we listened to downtown in Chicago was The Ramsey Lewis Trio. Ramsey played the piano with Eldee Young on bass and Red Holt on the drums.

On this Blue Note Club recording "by the fourth set the piano was drifting noticeably out of tune (Ramsey and Oscar Peterson not only play pianos, they almost destroy them at a single sitting." Enjoy:

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