Friday, January 27, 2017

Update For s Friend

I retired in 2000 and was able to cut the cord completely about 5 years later. I miss the surgery and the collegiality of my colleagues and the patients I got to know over a thirty year period. 

Since then I have been gardening, some travel, and writing my blog:

We go to Estes Park in August to see family and grandchildren and do some hiking.

Jan continues with her art work in multiple mediums. Lately she has been painting on round flat stones.
Our oldest son Lee lives in Portland Oregon with his partner Danny. Lee works for Intel Capital.

Our middle son Gordon lives in south Denver with his wife Kelli and three boys. Gordon works for Fedex Freight
and Kelli works at Denver University. These pics were taken last summer at Destin.

Blake and Adam go to East High school in Denver. 

Will is a gymnast in middle school.

Chris our youngest  lives in Erie near Boulder with his wife Meg.
Chris is a photographer with his mother's artist eye. Meg has a Reichi
studio in Boulder.

As you can see, we are blest. 

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