Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Unexpected Loss


Dear Friends,

Recently a friend on our Flower List passed away unexpectedly. This is a note to his family. Through the years I feel like "We" are family.

I met Fred at one of our Class of '58 Reunions several years ago. When we were in school I remember him as a basketball player driving to the hoop and shooting or passing to Whitey but our paths did not cross. Fred sought
me out at the reunion because he knew that I was a Head and Neck surgeon and hoped that I might be able to suggest something to treat his dry mouth. Through several years I did make several suggestions, some even slightly novel, but I don't think they were of much help.
But out of that interplay we developed an e-mail relationship. For the last 9 years I have been sending images and sometimes poems about flowers as they bloom in my garden. (www.donsessions.blogspot.com) Fred was a friend on my Flower List for many years.  He regularly sent notes in response to my blogs and I feel like I got to know him well.
He would recognize some of the flowers that he and I and even Rebecca had in common. 
Who couldn't love a guy who would dictate a note for the e-mail and then disclaim any responsibility for what he had dictated. 
I found his most endearing feature to be an intense kindness. This came through in everything he wrote and in the actions that he talked about.

In his honor I send some images from last year's garden. My favorite flower is a perennial called Rose Campion. The flower head is small but the color is dynamite.

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