Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bob Torrison Retrospective III Love Visits and Stays for 54 Years

I took Jan Feldwisch on a blind date in the summer of 1960. We met at the door of her apartment in 
Birdland (Audubon Park). She gave me a piece of bubble gum. I took her to a bar on Vandeventer Avenue called 
The New Huckleby Club where the music was rock and roll and the crowd was wild. The first thing that happened when we got  a seat was that a drunk redneck at the next table passed out on the floor right at her feet.
The rest is history and we were married on Saturday August 18,1962.

Bob Torrison was the Best Man at our wedding. We opted for a big wedding and Marge and John Feldwisch
produced a spectacular event. We were married at Pilgrim Congregational Church and the reception was at Westbrough Country Club. The Friday night before we had a rehearsal dinner so the two families and participants 
could get to know each other. There were speeches and stories and laughs. Jan and her folks had done the planning  and put it all together. I was often an absent participant as I was in my last year of med school. Here are Jan and Don, Bob, and a bit of Charley Singleton, my med school roommate.

It was a beautiful ceremony and who couldn't love a beautiful girl with energy, enthusiasm, and  a sense of humor.

I wish I could remember more about the ceremony but I was in a fog of love and wonder.
We have a 33&1/3 record which is still surreal.

Here are the folks: my dad,Arch (English) my mom, Gladys (Welsh) Jan's Dad, John (German) and  Jan's mom, Marge (German). 

Jan was well attended. From the left: Bob Feldwisch, Bob Sessions, David Milligan, Dan Wegner, Jack Feldwisch, Bob Torrison, Charley Singleton, and Denny Collis.

Here are the same attendants and my sister Melissa and Jan's sister Peggy.

BobTorrison my Best Man kept me at the top of my game.

As I think back I realize how blessed I am to have found such a loving and caring person to marry, raise a family, and grow old with. We have three amazing boys and three wonderful grandchildren.

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