Saturday, November 12, 2016

Don's Blog A Strange Encounter 11-12-16

Last night I was grilling some steaks on the deck just before sunset when I had the sense that I was not alone .
When I looked up I saw a fat raccoon had walked by me and was walking  toward the west railing. In my shock I wondered what was going on. We never see raccoons during the day here. Was this animal crazed by the election results, hungry, or just curious? He circled the deck and started coming towards me. I asked him if he had "the distemper" but he refused to reply. 

I had nothing to protect me (my tongs were on the table) so I got a chair to get him away from the Weber Kettle.
I was worried that the steaks would burn. I pushed th chair towards him and he sauntered to the lower  deck.

When he couldn't get into the hot tub he squeezed slowly through the deck rails and back to the ground. He headed around the house towards my neighbor.

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