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Fwd: Don's Blog Here's a gherkin for you 10-2-16

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This week-end was the Inaugural Gherkinball Tournament at the Tennis and Pickleball Courts
at the  Innsbrook Resort in Innsbrok Missouri. The courts have been newly resurfaced and six pickleball courts have been lined in yellow over the three white lined tennis courts. The tennis nets separate the courts and lower portable pickleball nets are wheeled in to create two pickleball courts per tennis court. The portable nets are stored at the sides when not in pickleball use.

In case you wondered a gherkin is a young green cucumber - angourion is medieval Greek for cucumber which became gurk in Slavic for a young green pickled cucumber.

This initial pickleball tournament was ably run by Innsbrookian Mike Chapin and a host of pickleball enthusiasts. There were 91 players registered for this doubles event. Players came from as far as Chicago and Columbia, Missouri. The tournament was a fund raiser for the CCAC (Concerned Citizens for Animal Control of Warren County) sponsored well by Tracy Sator of Innsbrook. Their ultimate goal is to build an Animal Rescue Center.

The weather was cool and cloudy with only an occasional breeze. Being new the courts were spectacular. Classical folk and popular rock music flooded the courts. Men's and women's teams played on Saturday.

It was the first pickleball tournament I attended but I was surprised at the quietness of the overflowing 

The mixed doubles was played on Sunday providing outstanding competition. Winners and runner-ups at all levels of play were awarded medals.

The sponsors provided much needed amenities including separate facilities for the Dills and the Sweets. There was no need to find a tree in the woods surrounding the courts.

I have played competitive tennis since I was 14 but lately noticed that after playing hard that I was toast
for three days. Pickleball is very competitve but much less taxing on the body. I took up the game in March at the suggestion of my brother-in-law Bill and after playing I noticed that I was able to return to full activity the next day.  I see why it is so popular around the country especially with seniors.

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