Thursday, September 22, 2016

Flower for the Day Zinnia I 9-22-16

How about some zinnias for a few days. I have them in many colors and shapes. I love to see them
grow from seed as they last into late fall.


Zinnia…garland of evening; I yield to such innocent blush; xanthic as your moonlight's hue winging along the field's minty air-- vulnerable are those eyes that can unleash a charm seen only by a few. Time and again, a mild gloss shimmers on your curved outline releasing petal drops ever quietly : crepe tassels bobbing to peep among embroidered leaves offering sweet incense for nightfall's prints etched unto meadows, wafting with tuneful lilts of stems bathed in dew. Oh, you kindle a twirl with floral sisters jigging daintily as if to pull me closer in a prance; the one I dream about high on a wood's lucent trail. Gently, my arms swing around, back and forth until I lay on your zinnia confetti embracing my tingled flesh, limbs, deep within your moistened soil… oh how corollas glaze into my Asian sky, breathlessly dressed by night, leaves flickering as you wave goodbye when summer ends! ------------- First ever Z Y X contest Sponsor: john lawless 10/12/2015

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