Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Don's Blog: Phoney Business 8-30-16

On Monday I took a swim in Lake Aspen. When I got out I noticed something in the pocket of my swim trunks. Unfortunately it was my iPhone. This was a swim not a dunk so all efforts at
drying it out and reviving it  were to no avail.
The next day we went to the new Apple Store in Des Peres. It was a beehive of activity. They worked me in and found that my phone was deader than dead. 

I purchased an SE which is a fully updated phone that is still the same size as my iPhone 5.
Now for the Good News: all my data was in The Cloud so I didn't lose anything but time and money.

The wonderful green haired Katy transferred all my data from The Cloud to my new phone and I was back in action. They are very
efficient and they really have fun doing it.

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