Friday, July 15, 2016

Flower for the Day Tiger Lily 7-15

Jan purchased some tiger lilies (Lilium tigrinum) in the early 70's. They have thrived and we have four large stands by the side of the house. We love them but so do the deer.  I spray the buds with deer-off which works most of the time.

If you look on the upper right side you will see that the  deer have eaten off the tips.

A Tiger-Lily

Of life my love a riddle makes,
All sweetness when I please her;
A lily when the whim she takes,
A tiger when I tease her!

With kisses oft of shy surprise,
She smiles in fond love-languor;
Sometimes with frowns and flashing eyes,
She looks superb in anger!

A checkered path of glooms and gleams,
Fate to our feet hath given;
One half our life a jungle seems,
The rest, a little Heaven!

With words as sharp as claws she tears
My heart-strings all unheeding,
Then soothes me with her lily airs,
And music of her pleading.

O lily fair! O tiger pet!
Whatever mood may hold you,
A double love must sway me yet,
And to my bosom fold you!

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