Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Flower for the Day Oriental Lily 7-13-16

We are beginning Garden Dog Days. It is boiling hot.
We still have a few lilies coming up.
Here is a new one for this year.

A whisper of the gentlest sort — A poem about lilies

A whisper of the gentlest sort
The Lilies Whisper Poetry
Poem by: Deborah Amar*

A summer day can never end
Or so it seems each year
The longer cycles of the sun
Make cloudy skies seem clear

Each time the wind begins to chime,
And end begins to near
A whisper of the softest sort
Flows gently to the ear

The scent and sight enough are great
Yet lilies live for more
The lilies whisper poetry
As none have heard before

The lilies whisper to the day
That sends the breeze below
It touches ground that none can see
Where lilies lively grow

Beautifully arrayed in white
And drinking from the soil
Free to whisper their poetry
Without the need to toil

But flowers do not last the year
And newer buds must bloom
So short the span of lily life
To give new blossoms room

The lilies whisper poetry
That none shall ever know
For just as summer cannot last
The lilies cease to grow

But beauty lives from that which dies
And leaves something to last
For lilies whisper poetry
For lilies of the past

*"Reposted with permission by the author, Deborah Amar:"

For more information on the Ozarks Reginal Lily Society visit this link:

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