Friday, July 1, 2016

Don's Blog Beach Scene V June 2016

This mystery started at home and ended as part of the beach scene. Several months ago Jan lost her favorite ring. It was a 14k gold ring from a designer in Palm Beach and she has worn it every day for over 40 years.  It was unique with rectangular edges. She had gone to our local jeweler to pick up another ring, replacing her gold ring with it and putting her gold ring into her purse. When she got back to the car she checked in her purse for her gold ring and could not find it even after a thorough search. . She described the moment as feeling that she had been kicked in the stomach.

She went back to the jewelers and they remembered that she had put it in her purse. After looking through her purse again with Jan they offered to check their security tape. When she returned home we went through her purse multiple times and carefully searched the car. After several days she even had the Lexus dealer remove both front seats of the car but to no avail. And that was that.

Then we are at the beach house and I hear a shrill scream, "Don, you have got to come here and look at this right now." I went into the other room and found that Jan had needed a bite of her special stash of dark chocolate which she usually kept in a baggy in her purse. To keep the chocolate from melting she had put the baggy in the refrigerator. When she opened the baggy she found her chocolate:

     And when she opened the wrapper this is what she found:

And this:

 Miracles happen at the beach.

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