Monday, June 6, 2016

Flower for the Day Delphinium 6-6-16

Today is D-Day - time to remember the greatest invasion ever. The explosions I prefer occur in my wildflower garden. This is the latest - an explosion of 2 to 3 foot tall delphiniums among the Sweet Williams and Coreopsis. The profusion of different colors is amazing.

cheryl love
Apr 29, 2014
It was about this time last year when
The flowers started poking their noses in the air
Deciding whether it is safe to come back again.
But then it is all down to the right temperature.

The delphiniums blue as the azure spring sky
With little white eyes in the centre of the flower.
Nearby the bright red poppy on parade, on standby
Next to the red hot poker, the tall yellow tower.

The robin, the mad red pilot, and the blue tit
Perch on a branch covered in blossom so pink
Their beaks sandy from pecking in the sandpit
And their feathers shining like the kitchen sink.

I love spring, when life in the garden comes back
Yellow buds appear on twigs galore
The bare colours of winter gone; white and black
Fresh colours of spring have returned once more.

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