Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Flower for the Day Day Lily I 6-21-16 Summer Solstice

I always love this day. One of our favorite quotes is, "Be gentle with me for I love you as I love the sun," and this is the longest day of our year. I also am saddened as each day from now on will be shorter.
In the next few days I will inundate you with beautiful day lilies - the result of over thirty years in the garden.
Here is an olde timey one.

This is a solstice poem sent to me today from my friends Sharon & Irv.

Midwinter in Australia

I imagine some ancient tribe of humans
scraping hard at the ground with stones and callouses
would have welcomed the extra light to fix the roof,
to sow that field or build the wall another row higher.
But they celebrated midsummer with a festival.
  The day of longest light was reckoned an occasion for worship or play;
         So let us also sacrifice the practical to the wondrous sometimes.

It is the cardinal day of the calendar we share with nature,
   not Julian or Gregorian
        neither Jewish, Muslim, nor Chinese
              but the one that governs the coleus, plankton, and black bear.

It's the day
one of that ancient tribe saw something
peculiar in the days before and after,
that we could quantify a cyclical magic in the world,
perhaps even the first day we knew we could measure time.
     And so now we grow with the plants and animals,
     who innately know these things, we notice them.

So on midsummer let us celebrate our noticing the world,      
      And that this ability makes us special,
      And also that it doesn't--
      That the rest of creation plays by ear what we (we the consolation of science) have forgotten;
And so we throw a party
we hve dinner with friends
and we make mindful, joyful use of the long day.

--by Chris F
The Green Center Poet Laureate ~~

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