Thursday, June 30, 2016

Don's Blog Beach Scene IV June 2016

The charm of the beach is that  it is never the same day to day and moment to moment. Since we are located on the panhandle just east of Pensacola Naval Air Base and from Fort Walton's  Eglin Airforce Base we always have air activity above our heads. We have the usual gulls and great blue heron's but one day a big group of pelicans flew over us at the same time that there was a flyover by an F-4 Phantom. We howled as it really appeared that the pelicans had put on the after burner. The plane pictured below made several passes on different days and as you can see it was very close. Can anyone identify it?

Late in the week there is usually a beach wedding at the Santa Rosa Beach Club just down the way.
It is usually later in the afternoon and as you can see there is very little slowdown in beach activity.
That is my grandson Will in the red shorts behind the wedding party.

You may know that I have a long term project of taking photos in rest rooms. (See The Art of the Comfort Room, 2016 on my website: Our room had art in the rest room that included these historic post card images from Fort Walton. We have long been interested in the history of Fort Walton  as Billie Sloat's relative John Brooks played a prominent part and Billie grew up in one of the resort hotels. Does anyone know about Tower Beach?

Peaches in Florida

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