Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Don's Blog Beach Scene II June 2016

The fun of going to the beach is the play involved that triggers memories of past family and beach experiences.
My family took me early in life to the beach at Lakeside Michigan. My mother would have the six boys (three brothers and three  cousins) for the month of July and my Aunt Gladys would have us for the month of August.
It was like paradise. We had to wait for an hour after eating to swim or we would get cramps and die. NO One questioned this edict. But those memories are for another time.

This year by the third day the waves got larger and we had to put away our snorkels and fins and get out the body boards and skim boards.  All of the "boys" in the family have been body surfing the waves since they were old enough to go out in the bigger waves. There is nothing like when you "catch" a wave and it carries you thirty or forty yards. Its even better with boogie boards.

This is my son Gordon, his wife Kelli, and their boys: Blake, Adam, and Will.

Their maniac grandfather was out with them all week.

Will (here) and Adam (below) have been doing this for years but have not tired of it.

And the waves got large enough so even Gordon could catch them.

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