Monday, June 27, 2016

Don's Blog Beach Scene I June 2016

Th second week of June we met my son Gordon's family at a rental house in Santa Rosa Beach Florida on the panhandle. My wife accused me of playing at the beach like a manic maniac - ten year old. She was right. We have spent more than thirty summers in this area and know the place well. It is increasingly crowded but we love it anyway. The white sand beach is made of quartz so we can walk on it without burning our bare feet. The view west down the beach toward Destin on the first evening at dusk was remarkable. Almost every night there is an amazing lightening light show far out in the gulf.

I always put up my traveling fish lights for a nightly celebration.

As you can see they are a small but mighty lighting display.

The first morning the water was calm and clear and great for snorkeling.

When you arrive on the weekend this is what the beach looks like to the east. On a clear day we thought we could see the lights of Greyton Beach and Seaside.

This is the view to the west. That's the city of Destin in the distance.

We were too far from the public beaches for people to drag their stuff and park in front of us and during our week no one was staying on either side of us. There was great solitude on either side of us.

An amazing private beach. Great job by Kelli.

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