Saturday, May 21, 2016

Don's Blog - Hornbein Addresses Medical School Graduates

Our friend Tom Hornbein was in town to address the graduation ceremonies of our medical school (Washington University Medical School).
Tom and his wife Kathy live in Estes Park Colorado. He and my brother Bob went to Cheley Camps there when they were kids and maintained a lifelong friendship. Tom grew up in University City and is in their Hall of Fame. He was a WUMS graduate in 1956.  After training in anesthesia at Barnes Hospital he went to the University of Washington in Seattle where he headed the Department of Anesthesiology for 42 years and was Professor of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine as well as Physiology and Biophysics. His non medical fame comes from his first ascent of the west ridge of Mount Everest in 1963.

Tom's address was  "What's a Metaphfor ?".  Using his Everest Expedition and other experiences as  metaphors  for his life,
he extolled the value of embracing uncertainty as a way to approach life and create value. He described the benefits of going beyond
your comfort zone and how this could produce personal, family, professional, and community satisfaction. His description of participating 
in the peaceful passing of his friend and Expedition teammate, Barry Corbett was inspiring. 
What a privilege it is for our family to know Tom. 

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