Monday, April 11, 2016

Flower for the Day Narcissus Quandary

Several weeks after the initial  yellow daffodils other narcissus family flowers appear. Both daffodils and jonquils are narcissi (or narcissuses)
but I cannot tell you how they are different from each other. Paper whites are narcissi  and are not daffodils or jonquils. All daffodils and jonquils are
narcissi. In some areas of the country jonquils are held distinct because of tubular leaves and multiple flowers per stem. Likewise daffodils are so-called because of flat leaves and singular flower stems. As you wish.

No matter what you call them they are beautiful.

Here Comes Spring

One lonely jonquil bows her timid head.  From earth and rain her slender leaves are fed.  Then, sunlight peeks upon the shaded site.  Sun offers warmth from snowy chills of night.    As days grow long and springtime tiptoes near,  The woodland fairies giggle while they dance.  Sweet violets spread their blossoms without fear.  For posies soon shall usher in romance.    In full array the meadow colors burst.  The leprechauns bring magic as rehearsed.  Wild flowers spreading, decorate the Earth.  Where shamrocks grow, good fortune will disperse.  The butterflies and bees with nectar sing.  The ground hog sees no shadow; here comes spring.    Copyright February 27th, 2014    Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Here Comes Spring (Flower Song )  Sponsor Rick Parise  
Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2015 

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