Friday, January 1, 2016

Don Ingram's Memorial Service 12-19

Today we joined the family of my close friend and colleague Don Ingram who passed away on December7 for a memorial. The service was held at the Tower Grove Park Tennis Center. After prayers and some stories (he was famous for loving ice cream) his ashes were spread by the courts. 
Don was like a surrogate brother to me and was both personally and professionally supportive. He made us laugh - no howl, at times. One day he planted Karen Azaleas in front of my house. Thirty years later they are thriving. He was filled with  energy and enthusiasm. He had an eye for beauty. He was a giver and a pleaser. He never met a stranger. As I write this I am overwhelmed that I can't play with him anymore.
As we stood at the service Jan looked across the street and saw something that looked like the statue of a horse. After the service we walked over to look at it and it was a Clydesdale dressed up for the occasion. Don would have loved it.


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