Monday, December 28, 2015

My Brother Bob at Cheley Camp in 1948

My friend Jim Mytton sent me some slides that he had transferred to digital several years ago. He and my deceased brother Bob had been friends for many years at Cheley Camps in Estes Park Colorado and these images are from 1948. Bob is getting off the bus at camp. The previous day he had been put on the Denver Zephyr in Chicago by my parents. Traveling west on the Burlington Route the train passed through our home town, La Grange, and within two blocks of our home.The trip to Denver with the other campers from the Chicago area included eating dinner and breakfast in the dining car and sleeping in "births" made up at bed time by the Pullman Porter. In the morning before breakfast he woke up in the flat prairies of eastern Colorado before being met at the Station in Denver by camp representatives. This red bus took the excited party from Denver into the mountains stopping in Lyons for a snack before arriving at Cheley Camp near Estes Park.

Notice that Bob is wearing a coat and tie and carrying an overcoat on his arm.


This photo was taken that summer on a backpack from the Arapahoe Peaks area to
Brainard Lake via Crater Lake.These intrepid campers include (from the left) Walt Sweet,
Tom Weill, Bob, Nick Clinch, and George Karch in the white shirt.


Here is a great shot of Bob serving dinner that summer with Sonny Toughy in front.
I went to Cheley Camp from 1949-1951 and went through many of the experiences that
Bob talked about including the same backpack trip. Bob is gone but the camp is still going strong and my 
grandchildren are going there now.


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