Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Flower for the Day Greenland Final flower again Arctic Eyebright 11-2-15

As soon as I sent the "other" final Greenland flower, Mystery Flower #2 was identified by Elizabeth at It is Euphrasia frigida (Pugsley) and translates from the Danish to arctic eye comfort. The common name, arctic eyebright, refers to its use in treating eye inflammations. An eye compress is made using the leaves, stem, and small pieces of the flowers.

It is common in alpine meadows where snow is found. The white petals are notched and form a lower lip.
The sepals are lavender. From first view I was interested to see how these tiny flowers
emerge from the different whorls on the stem. This plant was found near the ice melt from the Russell Glacier
near Kangerlussuaq on the western shore of Greenland.
Who wouldn't love a country that has an information website that can identify flowers overnight.

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