Monday, December 7, 2015

Final Flower for the Day European Beautyberry 12-7-15

This is the final post on the Flower for the Day Blog. This is another beautyberry, Callicarpa bodinieri, rather than Callicarpa americana (American Beautyberry). The berries come off the branches on opposing sides and the clusters are purple and much smaller.

Like the post this berry bush is in its final stage. The berries have been present for several months and
are ready to fall off the branch. 
I am using this beautiful berry to show off the new extension tubes  that I am using on my 100mm macro lens.
The extension tubes allow for more magnification of the target.


Macro lens alone.


Macro lens plus a 12mm extension tube.


Macro lens plus both 12mm and 20mm extension tubes.


Macro lens plus 12mm, 20mm, and 36mm extension tubes. I will definitely have fun with this for next years flowers.
I have enjoyed sending you this years flowers. See you next year.
TFG (The Flower Guy)


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