Thursday, November 12, 2015

Greenland Mystery Flower #1 Primrose 11-12

With help from flower pros in Colorado we think that this flower from the shore of western Greenland is a primrose.
It is either Primula egaliksensis (Greenland primrose) or Primula stricta.  They both grow in Greenland.   The pink to lilac (sometimes white) flowers are composed of five deeply notched petals fused into a tube at the base.They are arranged in a solitary tight umbel of 5 to 8 flowers at the tip of a long stem arising from a rosette of spoon-shaped basal leaves (below). 
P. egaliksensis is very similar in color, size, and shape to P. stricta. The distinction between the two requires a magnified look at the calyx. Of the two only P.egaliksensis has minute glandular hairs on the lobes of the calyx.  These hairs end in a tiny sticky globe (which I probably could have seen with my macro lens- if I had read three books, looked it up on my laptop, and sent multiple e-mails and texts and a few phone calls from the western shores of Greenland). At least I didn't step on it as I was warned not to do by Page Burt in her book Barrenland Beauties.

? Pink Family -notched petals like chick weed

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