Thursday, October 1, 2015

Don's Blog Greenland IX Hiking

Hiking in Greenland - tundra hiking -  is glorious. My only disappointment was that there was not enough time set aside to hike. This area was described by the guides as a fjord in the Kalaallit Nunaat in western Greenland. 

The ship was anchored near the above waterfall and we took Zodiacs to the shore.

The spongy turf of the tundra had numerous flowers and streams.

And an occasional caribou antler.

Above the falls.

And an occasional proof of presence.

This was the first day we had serious mosquitos.

 After checking out the falls many of us chose to start climbing up the the hill. At that point the younger gazelles ran up toward the heights. The more mature of us set a slow but steady pace. We were running out of time but no one was willing to turn around. I finally decided that I had had enough and announced a turnaround. Within two minutes seven people turned around and joined us in the downhill trek. Interesting group hiking dynamics. My hiking poles made the downhill trek more simple. I remember when using the poles was a sign of weakness. Now they are seen as a huge technological breakthrough.

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