Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Greenland II The Ship 2

The bow of the ship is an amazing place to observe the surroundings. When the ship hits the unavoidable ice  there is loud breaking scratchy noise and the ship trembles slightly getting everyone's attention. The winches are for raising and lowering the anchors. There are excellent areas on the bow for photographing.

The stern of the ship has a comfortable area for viewing, gatherings and cookouts. It is much like being on the last car on a train.

The dining rooms had open seating which allowed us to meet a wide variety of fellow passengers easily. The Chart Room under the bridge had cokes and butter cookies at all times. Afternoon tea served in the Bistro Bar just back if the dining room (below) had too many sweets every day.

The halls of the ship were filled with images of nature. This eye was my all time favorite. It watched me 
unwaveringly every day.

The most fun times for me were the trips to shore in the Zodiacs - to sites for hiking and to towns for meeting the Greenlanders.

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