Monday, September 21, 2015

Flower for the Day Night Blooming Cereus 9-21

It is 11:00 last night and I check the night blooming cereus and to my surprise it has bloomed. I have been watching these amazing plants bloom since I was a child. My parents would have blooming parties and friends and neighbors
would come over and watch the bloom open slowly. This plant was a gift from my next door neighbor Kaye and although small in size each year it has increased the number of blooms. This year six buds bloomed simultaneously
about two weeks ago but we were out of town. Then a seventh bud appeared and last night it opened up. 

 It comes right off a lower leaf.


Jan and I were the only ones at this party on the back patio in the dark.


It is a technical challenge to photograph in the dark.


An iPhone image.

The flower usually closes up in the early light but this year it was still open in the morning.


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