Friday, September 11, 2015

Don's Blog Princeton Intramural Champion

Recently I was contacted by Volker Schroder who is the Adviser of the current Princeton Table Tennis Team which competes in intercollegiate matches at the Club Level. The men's team has been competitive but the women's team has won the national championship for the last two years. He got my name from the archives of the Daily Princetonian. He knew I was a member of the 1958 Cannon Club Team had won the Princeton Intramural championship.
I told him that I had played #3 behind Stewart Knott and Steve Nichol. I told him that we had also won in 1957 and that at the Cannon Club we played Table Tennis almost every evening and almost every Friday and Saturday nights well into the morning.  He wanted me to send him pictures of my medals. 
I looked through my "stuff" and sure enough there were these two medals - one for tennis and one for table tennis.
After receiving the photos he responded by indicating that his research showed that our 1958 team (15-1) was nearly invincible.
I do know we had a great time and it was fun being reminded of past "glory'.
Yesterday I talked to Stewart Knott who is a retired Ophthalmologist  living in Boca Raton. He was excited to hear of our historical notoriety and we enjoyed discussing the good times of the old days.
Another friend wanted to know how we would do against the current team. I told him, "I used to be fast - now not so much."

"Little Abner's" mother  Mammy Yokum once said, "Whether you're rich or whether you're poor, its nice to have a gold medal."



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