Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Don's Blog Greenland VIII Brattahlid

Brattahlid was Erik the Red's estate in the Eastern Settlement Viking colony in south western Greenland beginning in 985. These Vikings came from Iceland settling about 60 miles from the ocean at the head of a fjord (Eriksfjord) where they were sheltered from ocean storms. Because of its location, protected from the cold foggy weather and the arctic waters of the outer coast, Brattahlid still has some of the best farmland in Greenland.  Erik and his descendants lived there for almost 500 years.

Our visit was on a cool sunny day with a wet landing on a rocky shore.

In late July there were still ice bergs (below) on the opposite shores of Eriksfjord.

The valley of Bratthlid had reconstructed houses and fields of buttercups filled with stone formations 
archeologically indicative of previous activity.

Below is a reconstruction of a Norse Longhouse.

Below is one of the few original structures.

Here is a small red stone from the beach of Erik the Red which somehow has found its way to my rock garden.

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