Monday, September 28, 2015

Don's Blog Greenland VII Community 1

The communities of Greenland appear to have one thing in common. Living in relatively flat chromatic natural surroundings:  gray rock, green grass, blue water, and white ice and snow, Greenlanders  thrive on a variety of colors. This is well represented by the colors of the hillside homes of Qaqortag, south Greenland's largest town.

These seaside towns have sheltered harbors that are surrounded by stunning mountains. Below is Nanortalik on a crisp summer day.

 Nanortalik has water, electricity, street lights, paved roads, cars and trucks, and in-line rollerskating.

Slightly larger Qaqortoq (below), in addition to private homes, has Government housing. Each unit has its own color. 

 Greenlanders have an artistic and playful sensitivity.

Note the artist in the parka spraying green paint in this piece of graffiti.

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