Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Don's Blog Greenland V The Ice 2

An iceberg is a large piece of freshwater ice that has broken off a glacier or an ice shelf and is floating freely in open water. Since the density of pure ice is less  than that of seawater usually only 1/10 of the volume of the iceberg is above the water. Many of the larger icebergs of the north Atlantic Ocean originate from glaciers of western Greenland and according to the ship naturalists these are carried north by the bifurcated Atlantic Jet Stream and are picked up north of Greenland by the current of the Arctic Ocean which carries them south to the North Atlantic Ocean.

Large icebergs are awesome in their size and shape.

If there were any really large icebergs they could be seen on the ships radar.

As the icebergs float on the water there is constant movement of that water into them (below) as waves form openings and caves and tunnels.

The ship steered by and through the ice fields with ease.

Along with its icebergs Greenland is  known for its land ice in the form of glaciers and the ice cap which make up more  80% of the island. Below is your blogger near the Greenland icecap which is reportedly disappearing at an increasing rate. To my left a river can be seen which carries the fresh water to the sea.

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