Monday, July 13, 2015

Don's Blog - Water from the ground

We have been to the Lake House and after almost three weeks of rain it has finally begun to dry out. I noticed that clear water kept coming from a white plastic pipe that was down the hill from the house and coming out of the ground. Day after day it just came coming. Finally someone explained that the pipe and others were connected to a drainage system under the house and that without them the water would be collecting under the foundation. Finally today it slowed down some. It has created several pools in the grass down the hill between the end of the pipe and the tie wall at Lake Aspen.
With that in mind we get to the next chapter. We came home today and tonight when I took out the trash I noted water  going from the Grassy Ridge circle. When I checked more closely there was a steady stream of water coming right out of the asphalt street. It reminded me of my Innsbrook stream. As you can see the street itself has been raised up about 6 inches. The gentle stream crosses the street and goes into the storm sewer. I called the emergency number for Kirkwood and got the police dispatcher who sent a "water" guy right over. He said, "You've
got a water main break for sure." He called his supervisor  and they will repair it tomorrow.
I promise not to come by your house so that water won't be discovered coming from the ground near you.

The street is buckled and raised.


There is a nice wide clear stream coming right out of the asphalt.


It meanders slowly across the street and goes down our storm sewer.
We are hoping that we don't have a geyser.


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