Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Don's Blog On the way to clean water

The Kirkwood Water Department heroes worked almost all night. They got the water shut off and fixed the leak as we slept. Here you can see the main water line which is made of cast iron. The three brass lines coming off it are the "service" lines carrying water to our house and my two immediate neighbors.


Here are some of Kirkwood's finest as they begin filling the hole.


The hole is filled with gravel from a dump truck. 


Wood shims are used so that the service lines won't bend.


The main line ends at the fire hydrant.


They have cut the ivy off the water meter and flushed out our service line and voila! we have water again. You don't have to join an NGO and go to a third world country to get pure, cool, clear water overnight. Great job guys!


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