Tuesday, June 9, 2015

FFTD Garden Infrastructure

My garden is over 37 years old. During that time the infrastructure has fallen into disrepair and for the last two years I have been in a rebuilding phase. This is the base of the gnome garden which was replaced last year.

The 'vegetable' garden was also replaced last year. It started out with squash and tomatoes. When not only the tomatoes but the whole plant was being eaten by rabbits and deer I took the fences down and switched to cut flowers. Currently it is filled with shasta daisies.

This stone path was raised last fall as the stones were sinking in too deep. Last week we added a new tie wall below and we will infill with soil this week. Next week we will raise all of the stone walks in the front garden around the berm with more soil. Then we should be able to walk around the front garden after a rain without getting our feet wet.

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