Saturday, June 6, 2015

Andy R. Lenzini 1970-2015

Andy was part of our family. I'm not sure how it started - he went with us to Santa Rosa Beach Florida on summer vacations.
He skate boarded with my son Chris on Adam Gegg's Ramp performing smoothly in the vert air under the name of PASTA. He loved music -downloading, going to concerts, composing. He loved to take pictures.

He did not hang out at our house that much. He did plant several very large areas of periwinkel and ivy that are mainstays of our garden.
He went to Art School in Kansas City and his stories of his roommates were legendary.
After graduation he went to work in Cambridge living in a condominium owned by Bailey, a Harvard Professor. Somehow we got closer. He created websites for the Harvard Athletic Department. He loved to tell me about what he was planting in the small garden where he lived. As the years passed he always visited when he came through town. He was comfortable with us and we loved having him visit. He brought gifts such as a book on American Posters which featured some of the works of Russell Kraus our former neighbor. He loved taking us out for dinner at Farotto's and treating us.

He was the Quiet Man but as years passed he began to open up. Not much but some. He loved to tell me with a grin and a twinkle in his eyes how Harvard had shellacked Princeton in football. We looked forward to his visits. After many years of working he started doing his own pieces. They were
amazing three dimensional industrial paintings that were unbelievably real and professional. When he came through last fall he said he almost had enough work for a show. He knew the quality of his work.

He told us that he had played high level soccer as a youth - a real surprise. He told us about his dad and the type of person he was and how hard he had worked. I felt he was on the verge of opening up. During his last visit he worked diligently on his art in our basement. His discipline was exciting to watch. He helped me with some computer issues I was having with a book that I am writing. Andy and my wife Jan had an ongoing artistic interaction with Andy mentoring Jan concerning some technical issues about paints and painting. He got Jan into water based oil painting. Andy knew the answers through his training and experience.

Then Jan found the unspeakable on Facebook. When I got home that afternoon Jan and I went through our first experience with 'Keening' - Keening you may know is an elemental wailing in grief for the dead. A verbal lamentation seemed totally appropriate.

The fact that Andy is gone never to return has influenced us daily as we deal with our grief - we know how fortunate we are to have had Andy in our lives and our family. We just sit with it at times not really able to figure it out but certainly clear that we have been touched and our lives made better by
knowing Andy. The more we interact with Andy's friends and family we know that the ripples resulting from Any's presence touched an amazing group of people and that as time goes on we personally will be in touch with new and powerful memories that will keep Andy real in our hearts.
June 6 2015

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