Saturday, December 13, 2014

Going Home 29 Dover Street - La Grange, Illinois - Part 2

This picture of the 'boys' room triggers many memories. During parties it was a place for people to put their coats and hats. Check out the hats my folks friends used to wear.The photo shows my Hinsdale cousins Jack, Dave, and Skip Thomas with my brother Bob in the center. Bob and Skip have passed away. Behind Jack and Dave on the left is the amazing bookcase that Bob made in Industrial Arts class at the Oak Avenue School in eighth grade in 1943.  I was so embarrassed by the little table that I made that it was long gone before high school. In the summer of 1947 I fell off a horse and broke my wrist. To keep me busy my folks bought our first television, an RCA black and white which is shown here. We all logged many hours watching sports and Sid Caesar and Milton Berle and Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, and Hoppalong Cassidy movies. 


During the college years when my folks had parties upstairs we came to no good in the basement. That's my brother David  holding up the bottle. Behind him is the clothes chute. From left to right are Chuck Brodie, Bill Toates, David, Martha Brooks, and Nancy Wood. My dad's work bench is behind Martha. About every ten years or so the basement would flood and cover all surfaces to about 6 inches of sewer water. I can still remember hosing it out. We always kept everything about a foot off the floor to keep it from being ruined.


My folks sent out pictures of the kids every year for Christmas cards. Here are Bob (1930), David (1932), Don (1935), and Melissa (1939). We all sang in the choir at the First Congregational Church at one time or another.


We used to climb on these garage roofs against all rules. It was just too inviting.


This is what 29 Dover looked like in October  of 2014 at the time of my 60th reunion for LTHS. If you look in the north door of the north campus you will find my Hall of Fame Plaque  on the wall. Jan and both my brothers and their wives came to the Induction Ceremony
which was fun. Like the other inductees I gave a brief talk. My folks and my sister would have loved it. 


This is Dr. Stacy McClure who lives in "our old" house now with her husband and three children. She was pleased to know that all three of us boys became doctors. Twenty-nine Dover was a great place to grow up and the house is certainly in good hands for the future. Thanks for your hospitality Stacy.


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