Thursday, October 23, 2014

Strangers at the Barn - a horse's eye view 10-18-14

Well we had just come into our barn after a beautiful day of grazing when a group of folks that were all dressed up came by and started taking pictures of themselves and the barn and us. I have to admit they did pay a lot of attention to us even in the midst of taking their pictures. The two in the middle had eyes only for each other.

After a while  my partner got bored and went to his stall but I was interested in watching the shenanigans of the young couple messing around with something they called a "garter". Frankly I  was in love with the two solid ladies in their brown dresses who were watching. They were having a fun time. It is special for us to live in this red barn and be able to oversee all the goings on.

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