Friday, June 27, 2014

Flower for the Day First Day Lily 6-27-14

This is the first day lily which showed up about ten days ago.
And a day lily poem by Stan Thawley -colleague, surgeon, and poet.

   Just out of the shower
   Wearing only lacy dew
   She has arrived early
   Voluptuous, steamy.

   She is no coy one
   Her petals spread open
   Waiting for mating.

   Comfortably naked in the sun
   With her soft creamy skin
   and dark inner lips
   She has come for adulation,
   Sex and sun.

   Confident , she winks 
   At me with those dark eyes
   Saying ,come, adore me.

   Embarrassed, I have forgotten
   Her name... Misty Maude I believe.

   Undulating in the wind
   She whispers,
   Come closer,closer
   Love me, love me.
   Quick now, skip the foreplay.
   We haven't much time you know.
   I'm only passing through,
  Just here for one day.
   Copyright Stan Thawley,2009
     All rights reserved.


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