Thursday, May 15, 2014

FFTD Bonus What gardeners do. 5-15-14

This is what gardeners do. I had just set up the front hose system which I use in addition to the inground irrigation system. I heard a loud hisssss from the garage and when I checked I found that the hose from the inside water spigot to the outside was putting out a huge spout which was covering all neighboring structures with cold water. After turning the water off I found that the hose (a veteran of many garden wars) had ruptured spontaneously. There was nothing close by that could have caused this large crack.
"No problem", I say to myself, "I'll just cut out the section, and re-attach the ends." I look at my hose repair shelf and find I do not have the right parts. "This could ruin your day," I think as I head out to the nearbyhardware store. I get the most expensive brass connector and cut off the bad section of hose, insert the connector, using brand new rubber washers, and tighten down the screws - I have done this multiple times. My screw driver does not work well but I have it water tight. 

I turn the water on and voila it sprays worse than before. I take everything apart and start over and there is no improvement. It is getting dark so I quit for the day. The next day I go back to the hardware store and get a new huge 
Phillips head screw driver and some white plumbers tape to get a better seal. The result unfortunately is the same. It holds for about 10 seconds and then explodes apart. I throw in the towel and purchase a new 100 foot garden hose. I hook up the new hose and the only leak is at the spigot which connection I tighten with a wrench. Finally dry and working.
Not done yet I have to thread the hose along the back of the garage wall and then along the side wall and out the door, 
around the corner, under the azalea bush, across the front walk to the front yard. I can use the hose outside but it takes 
me almost a week to move all the accumulated garage treasures from two corners. I am able to partially fill a small
dumpster with stuff I don't really need but was saving for when I did need it. The new hose system is finally back to 
where it was before the "blow".  It didn't really ruin the day - it was more like ten days. That is what gardeners do. 

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