Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bonus: Canada Geese 2-27-14

Over a hundred Canada Geese (Branta canadensis -Linnaeus,1758) have made a permanent home for themselves on a small open pond-like area in Innsbrook's frozen Lake Aspen in front of our house. When not in the water they sit or stand (on one or two feet) on the nearby thin ice. As I approach them they scatter in a huge cacophonous flying circus.  They routinelyhonk day and night. In no way can they be described as cute.

They have a black head and neck and a white chinstrap. Although striking to look at
they leave a fowl (or is it foul) mess behind them. 

Goslings are born in the spring. The family unit seems to be quite strong.

Fledglings can walk and swim immediately. Predators of the Canada Geese include
raccoons, foxes, and large birds. 

Earlier this winter we noticed two American Eagles pecking away at something down 
by the shore. When they took a break their wingspans seemed almost 10 amazing feet
wide. During their several breaks they were immediately replaced by a red tailed hawk. 
Jan confirmed later that they were eating fresh Canada Goose.

The American Eagles were spectacular and my hope was that they would not soon
tire of eating Canada Goose as we seem to have an inexhaustible supply.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Innsbrook Adventure 2-22-14

We were driving around the village checking out a new development, "The Cottages",and went past them down the hill. Following a road to the left we forded a shallow stream and came onto a beautiful meadow with a red doored horse barn and this interesting study in dilapidation (the one on the left). Innsbrook continues to be  asource of wonder and surprise.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Flower List Bonus: Swans 2-17-14

There are no flowers blooming outside at present but we do have 3 magnificent Mute Swans in a small opening in frozen Lake Aspen in front of the Lake House. As distinct from Trumpeter Swans and Tundra Swans which have black bills, the Mute Swans have orange bills and a black face. These three swans are very graceful and certainly not as ferocious as advertised.


They have been here for several weeks and they hang out with about one hundred 
plus honking Canada Geese.

Sometimes they look intently into the depths of the lake ....

And decide its time for lunch ....

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Flower for the Day 2-4 Amaryllis

There are three amaryllis bulbs left. This one sent its
stalk and bloom up initially and no leaves.

The front and back blossoms arrived several days before those on the sides.

This bulb has performed in a more standard way - sending out
huge leaves and then the bloom. It will open up later this week.

This one presents the quandary. Although the bulb is green and looks healthy it has 
sent out neither leaves nor bulb stalk. What to do here?