Thursday, September 6, 2012

Flower for the Day 9-6-12 The Blue Gentian

 The Blue Gentian  (Gentiana)

Our new friends Fritz Fritschel and Carol Langner from Meeker Park and Honolulu
proudly showed us their newly blooming blue gentians (8-8-12). Fritz quoted a verse
from Rainer Maria Rilke:
                  The Ninth Dueno Elegy
... The wanderer does not bring a handful of earth,
    The unutterable, from the mountain slope to the valley,
    but a "pure word he has learned,
    the blue and yellow gentian".

...Here is the time for the unutterable,
   its country.

...Behold, I'm alive on what? Neither childhood nor future
   opens less. Surplus of existence
   is welling up in my heart.

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