Friday, August 10, 2012

Bonus 8-10-12 Trails End

Today Jan and I hiked by the North Fork River in the Commanche Mountain area of Roosevelt National Forest and RMNP. Before that, we drove to Boys Trails End Camp which is a primitive camp connected to Cheley Camps.It is three miles from the highway just south of Glen Haven on the Dunraven Glades Road. It is here that my brother Bob was a wrangler and camp counsellor for someyears after he had attended the Estes Park camp. I have never been here before. 

Campers sleep in covered wagons.

There are four beds to a wagon.

The place was magical. Here is a sign from the lodge.
It was written by Jack C. Moomaw who was a ranger
in Rocky Mountain National Park from the 1920' to the
1940's. He used to come to Trails End and regale the
campers with wild stories as did Charlie Eagle Plume
who would come to the campfire with his long headdress.

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