Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bonus 8-7-12 Lunch with new friends.

When I was at the Bach Concert at the Stanley Hotel last week I met a
nice couple at the intermission, Fritz and Carol Fritschel. The come
here every summer and live at a family compound in Meeker Park.
Their home is in Honolulu. They asked me to come by their place
sometime so Jan and I went adventuring today. We were to go to Meeker
Park Lodge and ask for directions to their place which we did. The
grandmother at the Lodge gave me directions and then her daughter
gave me pretty much different directions. We took the daughters
directions and were to go right at Camp Creek road and then go a
quarter mile and then go up a hill and then down a hill and look for
a place with a parked car. We made several wrong moves but actually
found their place - 39 acres of peaceful valley with high rocky
ridges on both sides. It is near the Lane Guest Ranch which
advertises all the time in the Wall street Journal.

They were very pleased to see us and were very welcoming. We had
brought our lunch and they were just starting to eat so we joined
them in their cabin for lunch. We had found out before that they were
friends with our friends John and Debbie Balfour in Honolulu. I went
to med school with John and Jan and I had visited John's mother and
brother on Kaui on our honeymoon.

Now it gets weird. Carol was getting a haircut last week when Jan and
Chris went in to get an appointment and heard Jan say she was Jan
Sessions from St Louis and was staying at Solitude Cabins. Jan had
not been with me at the concert that night so Carol thought she might
be my wife but stayed quiet until our visit to their place.
Fritz is a retired Luthern Minister and Carol is a retired university
art history librarian. During our visit it turned out that Carol had
grown up as a Congregationalist (UCC) and went to the Central Union
Church in Honolulu where her minister was Dr. Thomas L. Crosby who
had been my minister growing up in La Grange. Wow.

We had a great visit and they could not have been nicer. Fritz told
me that his given name was Fred but that he was called Fritz as a
child. I told him that Jan's father John Feldwisch called her a little
snickelfritz. What an adventure.  Here are Carol and Fritz.

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